20" uni for a newbie

I would like to find a used uni for a complete newbie. I want to be able to learn how to ride as my son learns. I don’t need anything fancy at all, just a a decent uni that isn’t too expensive.


I have a torker cx in basically new condition I would sell for 65 dollars, I have the stock seat as well as a cut down velo saddle with a kris holm freeride cover I would include as it would be much more comfortable then the child-sized saddle it comes with. I also put a much nicer tire on it as well. If you’re interested, just shoot me a pm!

Is that price including shipping? There is a brand new torker cx on ebay for $60 (buy it now price). But, shipping would be on top of that.

Yes, that’s with shipping and the adult-sized seat.

Dang, my excellent hubby bought me the one on ebay already. While I am so excited to get the uni, yours was the better deal.

Thanks for considering.