20' Uni For a friend

I’m currently getting hooked on my Nimbus 2 24’’ and a friend of mine wants to learn. I know he wont go and buy one so I’m going to gift him one. Does anyone have a good 20’’ starter for like $50.00. I know he wont go and buy one so I’m going to gift him one.:slight_smile:

Done the whole Craigslist thing.

If you dont have any luck here, I just saw a couple go on ebay for just under 50$.

If you do end up wanting to go the extra money though, I learned on a club 20"…it wasn’t very strong once I started to progress but it was sufficient.

I’m kind of near you. I had better luck finding unicycles on Craigslist last year for some reason. Last 6 months or so it has been all over-priced junk.

I think Richardson Bike Mart sells unicycles. You might be able to get one there and save on shipping.


I totally spaced that part out.If I get it for $50.00 Shipping will most likely kill me.
Well Ill keep an eye on Craigs list There was a Torker on there but they guy never called back.

Thanks for all the help and fast response.:slight_smile:



Man Isn’t Darrel a cool dude?! That guy is the real deal. I went in and asked him If I was too old to start learning to ride a Uni and he said “No I started when I was 60.” LOL



Darrel is fantastic. He spent a ton of time with me while I was debating whether to go with a 36er or a 29er, even letting me spend some time on his personal unis. He commutes everyday on his KH24.

Yeah hes the real deal. They should do a write up on him or something.


I’m a noob, just joined this eveing and wanted to drop you a line and encourage you to keep trying Craigslit. I’ve been looking (usually hit it hard for a week or two, in spirts) for 6+ months. I finally snagged the red 20" CX listed in Irving just this evening for my kid. Coulda been yours, man. Anyway, keep looking, there will be more.

Thanks actually got one the other day.