20" uni and 175

ok Today I took a grinder it my old broken bike untill I had the cranks and this Bike had 175 cranks so I put things on my uni and wowowwowwowowow this is weard but after trying for about 5 min I kinda get the hang of this but it’s not good wen turning yet I think it’s better for hopping than my 125s so do you guys think id be better of with my 125 or 175???

sorry I just board but still want the awnswer

Then you want any answer, I suppose. You would be better off with a riding crop.

first of all, learn to spell:p

and second of all. the 175 cranks would be terrible on a 20 inch unicycle.

you couldn’t turn without the pedals hitting the ground.

Today I took a grinder to my old broken bike that has 175 cranks after about 5 min of grinding I had 175mm cranks to put on my unicycle. After installing them on my unicycle I went for a ride and I found it weird. After trying for about 5 min I Started to get the hang of it and quickly found out That it doesn’t Work well wen turning but it’s better for hopping than my 125’s.Do you guys think i would be better of with my 125 or 175???

a llltle bitz beter?/?

Yes, on the spelling. Now learn to punctuate. That first sentence needs the most help.

You should get some 190s. It would be better for you.


You’re lucky people are actually giving you answers. Make what you said readable 1st…

I was going to say helicopter blades.

WAIT, Lemmy guess, Off a Dyno Bike and they are Pro Wheel’s, yes, I have tried.

Awesome Stance.

wow yup your right how kool was it just a guess or did you have somekind of clue??

I should of asked if anyone has ever tired that oh well I had fun grinding

oh pls let this thread die Im no longer board !

Me neither