20" Ultimate Wheel Nimbus

I am trying to change tires but the installed tire appears to be glued into one side of the rim. I poured acetone on it and pulled but it didn’t come free. Any ideas for changing the tire?

I’d be very surprised if it was glued - no benefit and extra effort in manufacture. Which direction are you pulling in? Have you attempted to push the beads into the well of the rim first?

Deflate tire, take pedals off. Lay on its side so the difficult side is facing up and stand with both feet on tire as close to the rim as possible. You may have to bounce your weight a bit.

If it’s actually glued on, I’ll eat my hat.

Tires can get the bead stuck on the rim pretty hard sometimes. You just need to do what Killian suggested.

I see now that it is not glued - the bead is well-set and the tire somewhat thick. Pulling isn’t working. I suppose if I could find good tire irons then maybe.

Damn I wanted to see Killian eat his hat:D