20" Ultimate Wheel : Early Days

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As promised, here are some videos of me on that 20" ultimate wheel. Thank you all!
freemount and turn: 20" Ultimate Wheel : Freemount and Turn - YouTube
freemount and idling: 20" Ultimate Wheel : Freemount and Idling - YouTube
a little more distance: 20" Ultimate Wheel : A Little More Distance - YouTube


Apologies but i just do not see the attraction in them as they just look clumsy and hard going but if you enjoy then thats all that matters as it would be a boring world if we all enjoyed the same.

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Nicely done! Idling on a ultimate wheel seems difficult, especially since you don’t have a seat to help center yourself

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I think I understand where you’re coming from, and that makes sense to me.
But, don’t judge unicycling of any sort by a new rider only. Consider the other end as well:

In that video he rides all kinds of sizes including a 20", and can do a long stillstand on it, rolling mounts, etc. To me at least, nothing he’s doing look clumsy at all, or hard to get going. But yeah, I’m years away from that.
And yeah, I’ll enjoy the process. It’s been fun so far.

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Thank you! Yeah, idling is a challenge I’m currently working on, especially on the 20", 24" is easier for me. But I’m still new at it, lots of time to get there hopefully.

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Interesting, I would have thought the larger wheel would be more difficult. It took me a while to get used to my 36” because of the loss of nimble movement compared to my 20”. Is the larger wheel easier because it’s not as nimble as the smaller?

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I think it’s 3 things, the first you one mentioned: especially in the beginning you’d love for the wheel to stay straight up and down, and to ride perfectly straight without making crazy s-curves with every revolution. So when you’re trying for that, a nimble twitchy wheel increases the learning curve (though potentially with a higher payoff once you nail it, which is one reason I was hunting for one).

The second reason is I think it’s not just a low raw q-factor (how far pedals are away from the wheel) one wants to make it easier to ride, I think that’s just part of the equation. I think it’s really the ratio of q-factor to wheel size. If you draw a “V” from the one pedal, down to the pivot point (wheel contact patch with ground) and back up to the other pedal, you’ll see that the angle of the “V” depends on both the q-factor and the wheel size/height. Larger q-factor increases the angle, and so does a smaller wheel. With a huge wheel, the top pedal line down to wheel-touches-ground is almost vertical. I think that angle dynamic changes the proportion of your leverage that goes into wheel forward rotation vs wheel side-to-side tipping.

The third thing is where the wheel grips you when your form needs work. Remember that the wheel rubs into your leg/ankle/foot to varying degrees depending on what you’re doing and how bad your form is. In the beginning mine was even worse than you see here. :wink: I can deal with the wheel grabbing me higher up on my leg a little easier than it grabbing my ankles or shoes. But, that might be personal preference/skill.

Interesting that UDC only sells the 24" ultimate wheel now - no 20" anymore, but also no 29" (the size I have).

Yeah, when I reached out to them they said that they’re not planning on reintroducing those, they didn’t sell nearly as well as the 24". A lot of sites list the 24" as “the most commonly ridden size”, but it’s not clear to me how true that is. Then again, now that 24" is the most readily available, that may make it true if it wasn’t already.

Your other options include building it yourself of course. OR hiring someone.

Tom Miller at the Unicycle Factory is good for UW’s and all kinds of other crazy stuff like reverse geared unicycles and sideways geared crab cycles, whatever you can dream of.

Or random places like this in Russia:
“Custom made to your desired wheel size”


I think I like that fatter wheel on that larger one pictured as compared to the skinny tire on the 28" UDC version.

Sorry, forgot to share the most efficient UW size:

The 8" ultimate wheel is really cool and it won’t rub the calves. Is it much more difficult than 20" and 24"? I’m interested in learning UW and hope eventually I can ride 8" in the future.

Yeah, it would be really fun to try. I imagine the guy in that video had it custom made. I’m already having one UW custom made by Tom Miller. Maybe someday I’ll ask him to make an 8" one for me. :wink: If you do however find someone selling them, let us know!

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I’m sure the 8" is custom made. I know who made the 8" and he is also based in Taiwan, but it seems he doesn’t make it any more.

BTW, I found some more videos of 8" UW.