20" trials w/ KH frame, Koxx wheelset

For sale or trade, like new Koxx trials unicycle with Kris Holm frame.

I’ve only had this uni about a month and a half. A trials uni is overkill for the type of riding I will be doing. I found a good deal on a freestyle 20 so I’m looking to sell this uni to help finance (or to trade for/towards) a 29 or 36 commuter.

KH 20" frame & seatpost clamp
Everything else is Koxx-One/TryAll brand
Aluminum seatpost
black slim saddle
19" 36h rim, white w/ white spokes
reinforced ISIS hub (“Koxx ISIS”, may not play nice with other ISIS cranks)
“Sticky” tire
140mm reinforced cranks

There are some small scuffs on the saddle bumpers…

…and there is minimal wear on the tire.

Your choice of pedals. Either the Odyssey Twisted PCs that are pictured above (also new) or the original Koxx aluminum pedals. I tried to paint over the crappy neon green but the paint isn’t sticking very well, I forgot to scuff it first.

I am asking $300. I am also looking for a 29 or 36 uni or parts to build one. I already have a 29 rim(32h) and tire, but I am not neccessarily commited to that build if something else comes along.

I live near San Diego and I don’t have any experience shipping internationally so I’d like to try and keep this transaction domestic.


est-ce que 200$ serait suffisant?

Desole, ce ne serait pas suffisant.

Is this still for sale? sorry I’m not sure what the last two posts say.

Yes, it’s still available. Regarding the last two posts, simoniz offered me $200 and I declined. I am open to other offers but would prefer to discuss it via PM.


Hi Martin

Is this still up for sale.


Hello Davey,

Yes, it is still for sale. Please send me a PM if you would like to discuss it.

To all prospective buyers,

I will update the status of this thread as the situation warrants. Sale pending, sold, etc. Otherwise please feel free to PM me assuming that it is still available.

Shipping information for anyone interested in getting a shipping estimate: The box is approximately 24x24x6 inches with a shipping weight of about 15 pounds. Originating zip code is 92078.

Regarding the aforementioned Koxx ISIS compatibility issue: I tried two other ISIS cranks on the hub. One from a Torker LX Pro and one Qu-Ax Light ISIS. I pressed them on by hand but didn’t bolt them down. They fit snugly, no wiggle, and seemed to seat as far as the original crank. However, when I put the Koxx crank on the Torker hub there was a little bit of torsional wiggle indicating that the splines were just a bit to big. So this hub doesn’t seem too big to accept standard ISIS cranks but I would be leery of putting the Koxx cranks on another ISIS hub.


Hey Mad I have a 36’ Coker with a custom handle bar setup/PI bar, and brake if you’re interested in figuring something out. I’m in a rush to work right now but can take some pics and we can exchange PM’s tonight when i’m off work


Is this still for sale?

It says sold directly above you…

are you serious :smiley: