20'' trials uni - nimbus/kh/...

hey, I’m looking for a trials/street uni. I’m a beginner but I would still like to get a nice one for the long run. I was looking at a kh for $400 but the seller didnt reply so I was wondering if anyone had a good street/trials uni in good condition they would offer. I don’t really know what you guys will offer but I’m thinking:

-kh for $400 or less depending on the condition
-nimbus trials for $200 or less depending on the condition
-also other brands or a good freestyle uni

Prefferably from/around Melbourne but Victoria is still OK

Will pay more for a good condition uni.

Cmon people, I’m sure most of you have spare trials unis lying around…


wow thats a really good deal but they dont ship to australia. if i used a re shipper it will cost around $70 extra:( thanks so much for the help though.

I know this is a bit off topic now but what do you guys think of just buying a new nimbus trials for $395?
or is the club trials for $195 any good?

I’m not going to be doing big jumps and i only weigh 45kg (100lb)

Don’t get the Club. It doesn’t have ISIS cranks so they will bend if you do any sort of trials things.

Nimbus is great but $395 seems pretty high…
On unicycle.com they’re only $320. Not a huge difference but it would be $140 more than the XTP Fluo with the reshipper. The nimbus will probably never break so I’d say it probably is worth the price.

Thanks for your help again. I’m going to buy the nimbus signature trials. It just doesn’t seem right to buy a unicycle for $160 and getting it shipped for $80.

If anyone still wants to offer a used unicycle please do


still looking

I got a new 20" Qu-ax Muni for not much more…and it has taken an absolute flogging…get onto Kev at kevin@unicycle.com.au . I love it…about to purchase a 26" to add to my stable of 16, 18, 20 and 24"…I force my kids to ride as well…lol

I have one and ride it all the time, they’re great. I’m not looking to sell it but where abouts in australia are you… i’m in sydney.

Are munis heavier than trials because im prettr
y small and weak and would probably be doing more street and flatland than big jumps. so i would rather a lighter uni than a really strong one
thanks tho Ill email kev

hey greenie! see pm