20 trials under 300

i have been unicycling for a year now and currently ride a torker cx and i know it is not going to be good much longer as i am starting to get into street and trials riding. I am selling my cx to a friend and teaching him to ride it and plan on buying a trials uni for myself. if i cant find anything used for cheap i am going to go with the new nimbus trials on unicycle.com for $300 but am still looking around for somthing else. any ideas would be great

The Nimbus is a tank unicycle.

I have one, and I love it. I DO wish I had waited and got a Kris Holm, because it would’ve been much cheaper.

Here’s the way I see it.

A Nimbus is beast. The frame is steel, (incredibly strong) and only 200 grams heavier than the KH frame. Some riders might argue that 200 grams is a big weight difference. I’ll leave that to your opinion. The wheel is good too. Very, very reliable. A tune up every few months and your good. The stock cranks are better than people think. I find them strong enough to support a beginners progress, and even into intermediate trials, street, and flatland. (Where I like to think I am:p) I have changed to KH Moments, but only because I need the clearance and width for flatland. (rollo discs are next on my list)

I always loved the Nimbus Gel Saddle, until I got a KH Saddle.

Pros of Nimbus:

Very comfortable. Ergonomical
As strong as the KH (until '09 comes out)

Pros of KH (fusion street)

Easy(er) to pull out
Easy(er) to unispin
Also comfy
Better grip (I think)

Not sure if this helsp :roll_eyes:

The nimbus really isn’t a tank, it’s pretty light.

I ride it and a kh, both are nice. I like the nimbus for more street, kh for trials since it has the wider rim, roundish frame for when you hit your legs, the longneck keeps the seat post clamp out of your knees when jumping.

Ergolicious’s monter trials uni that is 5 or 6 posts donw would hold a Nimbus’ head to the curb and stomp it to death.

$300.00 plus shipping. Spend a little more, and get a whole lot more.

the 125’s would work at first, but would need to upgrade sooner or later.


yeah they seem alittle short if im gonna be doing trials to but i might be buying the red nimbus trials that redmuni is selling on here for 200 with 137 moments… not sure yet whether to take the deal but probably will