20" Torker LX $80 shipped CONUS

Copy and pasted from my previous ad a while back…

I got this for my b-day in april, removed all the stickers (professionally removed as I do paint/body work on cars). The paint job and crank arms are still basically perfect, but the seat bumpers and pedals have seen the sidewalk several times, but nothing serious whatsoever. I just thought it would be fun to do, but quickly learned I can’t afford to miss work due to uni injuries these days. Selling it for 100 bucks shipped in the contiguous US states. I can post pictures soon, but it is on consignment at the local bike shop here in Gainevsille. BTW, its the ‘black’ model.

please email me if you are interested.


-Jeff Kiel

80 or 100…you say 80 in the title, 100 in the actual post. Im not interested in buying, but you may want to make it clear how much ur charging.

thanks, thats because it was copied and pasted from the old post. It is $80

interested. Pics please?