20" Torker AX: $75 USD + shipping/ OBO

Ive got a 20" Torker AX unicycle just gathering dust in my garage, I’m willing to sell for $75 USD + shipping. Comes with a choice of odyssey cielencki pedals (added $5) in black. Sorry I dont recall what type pedals are on it right now, but they are metal with extremely good grip, however the right pedal has a minor chip off of one of its sides. This does not affect riding but does have a different feel. There are only scratches along the bumper, handle, and left crank since thats the crank I usually did crank stalls on. This is a great and lightweight unicycle for any beginner. I’d be more than happy to negotiate prices, just email me at georgerought@comcast.net. I’d also accept a trade: torker ax for a 20" trials frame to fit my KH07 wheel set.


I am definitely interested. Where are you located?

im intrested … but im in canada, so i dont know how much the shipping would be

Randomone- Send me a pm or an email with your address and I’ll be happy to calculate the shipping for you.

i just did! im interested

If this is still available, I’m very interested, but I live in Ireland. Would you know how much shipping would from your based?

I retract my interest

hi, i dont want to sound rude but i will give you $20 and pay the shipping. The reason i say it like that is i noticed its been on here for awhile and i dont want it to go to waste! Plus the cranks looked trashed so 75 is to much


hey im sorry i dont know how to send you a pm

he hasnt logged in in 4 mnths anyways…