20" to 24"

Im going to be in my schools talent show. I have never ridden anything but a torker lx 20". All the bike shops around my house say there suppliers are out of 20". Would a change from a 20 to a 24 be any different for a level 3.5 person?

Just riding it will be no more difficult, but it may take a little time to adjust for certain tricks.

it will be different, but spend ten minutes getting used to it and it’ll be the same. EXCEPT for doing tricks, those will be different and probably harder.

After not doing anything for 20 years other than messing around at a bike shop just to make sure I could still ride one, I got a Torker LX 24. Took me 3 or 4 tries to mount it and a couple of fairly graceful UPDs before I actually got anywhere… but after that, it was nothing. Just a matter of getting used to the bigger wheel. It’s like I was over correcting at first.

Just don’t get crazy until you’re used to it, but it’s just a minor adjustment. I imagine if you’re doing unispins and stuff, it may present more difficulty as it’s heavier and has a larger diameter so for some tricks, clearance could be an issue.

I have on occasion ridden my friends 24s and I found that I could ride it instantly but when it came to tricks all i could do the same was hopping.

Your experience may be different but I would advise against changing for something like a talent show.

my main tricks are one foot extended and on frame, backwards, jumping up stairs, jumping off stage(im not telling the teachers this when auditions come around) and gapping between stair sets.

it shouldn’t be too hard to switch then…just practice a little bit before you do the performance.

It won’t be hard at all. I tried my friends 24" out once and after about 5 minutes of farting around on it i could do everything i new how to do at the time on my 20" as i could on his 24".