20" Sun Flat top

I have a 24" Torker LX but I think a Sun 20" might be easier for wheel walking and other stuff. Is this a good choice?


No… unless you have like an 03’ LX and the frame is rounded. If yours is flat then a sun will not help.


From the looks of things, unitik didn’t read your post properly. Yeah the sun flat top is a good choice as a basic freestyle for the money, I’m sure you will love it.

I can get it from amazon for only around $75.00

would an 18" be even better? I don’t hear many people say they ride an 18"

No a 20" is much better as if something goes wrong with it or you decide you want to upgrade there are many more rims, spokes, and tires that will fit a 20".

it looks like I will be getting the 20" flat top. Is this very much like a Torker LX? I think the pedals might be better but are there anythings I will need to consider changing?