20" Summitt on E-Bay

THere is a 20" Summitt on E-Bay. The picture is terrible but it looks like it’s black. Does anyone know about these?

Re: 20" Summitt on E-Bay

dude… that’s totally not a Summit. Not a trials one, anyway, and I’ve never heard of another kind of Summit. it looks kind of like a Torker black 20" with the word SUMMIT written on the side.
look at the picture of him holding it, you can see that the crown is curved, not flat.

hehehehehehehe I love when people like to scam people it makes me laugh

Summitt on E-Bay

I saw the rounded crown and wondered what was up with that.
The picture is so bad you can’t make out the cranks.

Summit actually did make other unicycles. I found them some where when I was looking for mine. And I remember one being black but I haven’t seen that pic yet.


Its definitely not a trials summit but it still seems like a alright deal for whatever it is.

If you are too lazy to search for it here is a link:

Here’s a great deal for John Foss


(sorry, off topic, but hey, you guys got me looking at ebay)

The first unicycle I bought was a summit, but definately not of the same quality as the trials summit. It was a piece of junk 24 with cottered cranks and a steel rim with lollipop bearings, but it did share the summit namesake. It’s on loan to a friend that was using it to try to learn how to ride. If I ever get it back, I’ll post a picture of one of the other “summit” unicycles out there :smiley:

i wouldn’t buy that thing that says summit cuz the guy doesn’t know much about it and the shippings $50 ups ground anywhere in us