20" Street w/ Profile Hub

The time is past due for me to finally sell my Profile Uni. Unfortunately, I don’t really ride as much as I used to. So here it is:

20" Street Unicycle with Profile Hub and Rims from ~2007 (before Kris Holm’s were cool) on a Yuni frame. It currently has Torker LX pedals and a Creepy Crawler with ~30% left. I don’t think the tube in there holds air but if that really concerns you I’ll toss in a new tube. The best part of the uni (aside from the bombproof Profile Set) is the seat: A Unicycle UK carbon fiber base (shaped like a Miyata/LX) with LX foam, with a Scott Wallis Carbon Fiber RH Deathgrip in the front and a Scott Wallis Carbon Fiber Rear in the back, all wrapped up with a grey KH street cover.

I’m looking to see $500 OBO (+ship, from Oregon, US) to start this off. The seat alone was purchased for over $200 (the Profile Uni was ~$700 back in the day). Before people ask - no, I’m not interested in parting out the seat unless I get simultaneous buyers for both halves. As I’m no longer active on the forums, send me a PM and hopefully I’ll get an email notification. I will try to answer any questions you have. Thanks for your time.

I’ll buy your handle off you.

Which part of Oregon are you in?

Pmed about the seat

Price lowered to $350+ship. Please don’t wait for it to lower again - this is already a steal.

So I take it you’re not interested in a part out? I’m still interested in the handle.

I could even get my brother to pick it up off you, so you wouldn’t have to ship anything. He’s in Eugene.