20" street Uni with various upgrade

I tried selling a UDC carbon base, but none was interested in an incomplete saddle. I tried selling a street Qu-Ax, but some said the cranks were weak… so I mixed various spare parts to improve every thing and try to sell it as a whole offer. Can you suggest me what price should I ask? Consider that I need an happy wife so it must go before year’s end and I am willing to choose a price about 15% less than the European market value (it’s in Italy).
Thank you for you kind help.

Weight 5.2 kgs. Part list:
Impact used saddle cover (do not let rain on it!)
UDC carbon seatbase
Qu-AX alu reinforced seatpost (almost new and unused)
K1 double seatpost clamp
Qu-ax alu frame
20", 48 spokes Qu-Ax wheel (almost new and unused, also bearings are almost new and unused)
20 Kenda Kinetics tire (almost new and unused)
137 KH moments cranks (used)
Snafu pedals (used, but yesterday the bearings have been regreased with Schlumpf high quality grease and I chaged the pins with 11m stainless new ones).

I will also add the Flat mod: 125 qa-ax light cranks (shorter) and black plastic qx pedals (less grip).

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Very surprised no one wants the saddle, I know someone who’d probably buy it in Europe!

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If you post the seat or carbon base alone on Unicycle trading Post or Urban Unicycle Chat I’m positive it’ll be gone in a couple of hours, if not minutes.

Already posted 2 weeks ago. 2 people asked info, I wrote 85€+shipping, no one asked a differnt price or even answered. I thought it couldbe related to the bare saddle base, so I did rebuilt it. Maybe people did already bought thier Xmas presents. If you know anyone interested please tell them to set the price

Sold the saddle. New price for the uni is 100€ with a qu-ax saddle

Seems like a good deal for someone like me that want to get into this sport. I’ve send you a message. Hope shipping to Denmark is not too expensive :slight_smile:

I should stop this thread till the uni is used by a friend.

I will update it as soon as the uni will return to me from my colleague unicyclist

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