20" Street/Trials uni

I don’t really have the need for two 20" unicycles, so I’m parting with the cooler one. Its a little heavy due to the K1 reinforced rim, but really strong! Check it out.

2005 KH frame
Nimbus ISIS hub
K1 reinforced rim
125mm KH Moment cranks
Odyssey Twisted PC pedals
White Try-all tire
KH Fusion Street saddle

This picture was taken before I added rollo discs and put grip tape on them and the crown. I will also include a sheet of griptape. I’ll get some updated pics later. Looking for 350. PM me with offers please. Thanks.


Thats a good deal, I bet this thing is going to sell fast!

this unicycle is sick. i need a new trials uni but i dont have enough money right now. but that is a sweet uni

hey i would love to buy this uni if i could get some time to collect some money. how much do u think shipping would be from where you live?


But I’m passing it up. Being a frugal perspective college student isn’t always fun.

Updated pictures

Since its not really fair to show the uni when I first built it, I took some recent photos showing some of the wear. It has various knicks on the frame, but overall looks good. It has the usual scuffs on the plastic pedals and bumpers from being laid down. And it seems impossible to keep White Try-alls clean. It still has 90% tread though.

If you don’t like the white, I can switch it out for a black try-all (60% tread) or an onza sticky finger with gray stripe (90% tread).

Spence, I don’t know where you live so I can’t calculate the shipping. I would estimate that Ground shipping is 30-40 dollars, and of course I’m going to try to find the lowest rate possible. Also, I can’t really hold on to it… but it may not sell so quickly because no one is buying things as much in this economy.

Thanks guys!

PS I would prefer to sell this within North America but shipping outside of the states isn’t off the table… its just not very cost effective for international buyers.




oh yea i forgot to tell u that i live in Indiana. I do want to buy it i like it a lot but my rents are not going for it but i am working on it. i hope they will get for me as a graduation gift. but if someone wants it and can buy it then go for it but i am interested. Which tire is better the white one or your other tire?

In terms of performance… Try-alls are my favorite. I prefer them over Creepy Crawlers. I have some other tires I could swap around, I just thought I would offer because the white tires show a lot of dirt.

ok well I do lke the white tire. which tire has the most tread? and is the wwhite one pretty grippy for trials?

the white tryall tyre is just as grippy as a CC.

ok thanks man that is what i need a grippy tire

A. How much does it weigh?

B. Would you be willing to trade for a guitar (possibly)?

Well… I don’t have a scale but according to UDC UK the K1 rim weighs 590g and an 07 KH rim weighs 500g. So that’s about 0.2 lbs. And I’d say the weight of rollo discs is pretty minimal. Also I have plastics pedals… and that’s pretty much the only difference between mine and a stock KH. So I would estimate around 12lbs still.

Sorry but I have no need for a guitar. Thanks for the offer though.

Im intrested but I wont be able to afford by summer (and hopefully atleast by then) If it doesnt selll by then ill PM you

Still delicious and for sale.

time keeper, i pmed you


In Search of a Unicycle

Hey there,

I’d love to talk to you further about purchasing you unicycle…You can email me at shoshana@leftfieldpictures.com.