20" street tires?

Over the past few months I’ve been using the Maxxis Hookworm on my Nimbus X, and it seems to wear out pretty quickly. So far I managed to wear through two of these tires and the one I’m on right now isn’t in good shape either. I ride mostly street, and have been practicing flip tricks lately which don’t help the tire. I couldn’t find anything that looked good on UDC, but I didn’t really look too hard. Does anyone know a good 20" tire for street?

well people say that the best street tire is the luna trials tire but that is 19" and will not fit your rim…i dont think there are any “good” street tires for a 20" freestyle uni.

The Haro Multisurface(MS) 3 and 4 tires are both awesome, maybe you should give one of those a shot. http://www.harobikes.com/parts/detail.php?group=tires

sorry i was just thinking and this is the tire i run on my bmx front and back. i run the 2.1 version and its gerat…very strong and the lightest of its kind on the market… its quite grippy and not to expensive.

The Fly Rueben is a pretty sweet tire for a 20" rim. If I were riding a 20" rim then I would definatly be getting that.

revenge tires are really good, so are primo wall, animal glh, and the demolition zeplin