20" or 24"

Hey im 13 about 5 ft and about to buy a unicycle. What should i get a 24" or a 20"??

Depends what style of riding you’re gonna do.

probably a 20", im a little over 5ft and i find it hard to ride my friends 24"

yer i was thinking it might be a lil 2 big. I might buy a 20" circus uni have that for like 2 months then if i still enjoy unicycling ill buy a like 250 dollar one. I can get a unicycle of ebay for $1.50 coz no1 bids for them coz unis arnt that popular yet. There worth $150 new and sell for shit all. All you pay is 30 bucks shipping haha.

I have a 20, 24 and 36

I only ride the 20 in my yard or house, watching vids. The 24 gets the most use. It is way faster then the 20, which is more tiring and as slow as walking.
The 36 is great if I want to really go somewhere, like taking a bike. At 5’ 8" the 36 seems small to me. I am sure a 24 will be a fine fit for you if you lower the seat.
I would get the 24 if I could only have one or the other. Trials tricks are to hard for me to do yet, so the 20 is very boring compared to the 24. I have been riding 3 months now, and am just starting to get idling and riding backwards. No hops yet.
So take it from a beginner that owns both. The KH20 is way less fun then the KH24 (or any 24) for a rider who isn’t good enough to do trials tricks yet.:slight_smile: