20" or 24"

ya i used the searcher thing and im still not sure

im planning on getting a new uni probably a nimbus trials or muni but im wondering if i should get a 2o" or 24" i already have a 20" so do you think i should just get the 24"?

To get usefull answers we should know: What you want to do with the new unicycle. And why you want to upgrade from your current uni.

basically if you want to do more riding get the 24 if you want to do more hopping get the trials.

well i am planning on riding around my dirtbike track in my yard as like muni but i still want to be able to do like hops onto boards and stuff like that.

i’d say get the 24" it’ll be a lot more fun for muni, and they’re still nimble enough for hops. check out some of the stuff terry (unigeezer on youtube) does on his 24"

yup I would also say the 24 over the trials for that. you might even want to consider a 26 or 29 depending on how flowing your track is.

ya im gonna go with the 24 i dont think im ready for a 26 or 29 ive only been riding for about 2 weeks