20'' or 24'', KH or nimbus?

Hi there, i have been unicycling for about 4 months now and am getting quite good (compared to how i was!)

I bought a cheap unicycle to start with off ebay but now i think it’s time to mmove on and buy a good one.

Atm i have a 20’’ and when i unicycle i normally go for long trips round my town to different shops, i go at least a couple of miles.

because i tend to go reasonably far i’m thinking i should get a 24’’ uni.

Also when i get better i am gonna go through woods and stuff so im thinking of getting a kris holm muni.

So i think i should get a KH24. based on what i have explained can you tell me if this is a good unicycle to pick for myself.

Thanks for all answers, and good luck with all ur unicycling.

I think a 26" or even a 29" wheel would suit you better. As I can see you focus on getting around. The 24" is “a lot” faster than the 20" though it may not be fast enough for your needs.

So here is my recommendation for the wheel sizes (but please not I have only experience with 20" and 24" wheel sizes):

24": Mainly for technical Muni and all the steeper hills out there
26": Better for XC Muni than the 24" and slightly faster on the street but more difficult to control on steep hills
29": Not so good for technical Muni and steep hills, but very good for XC riding and riding through town.

By the way, if you can afford it the KH unis are worth the money.

I say go 26" but its really up to you.

Sometimes KH is on sale

A few months back, one could buy a KH '07 model for near Nimbus prices.

I am not trying to knock KH (top shelf) or Nimbus muni’s or trials (top strength but a bit heavier than KH with some cheaper parts).

If money is easy for you, get the new Ti frame and KH Ti hub. I have heard the Ti spokes suck, but sadly could not afford to learn that myself.

Down a few notches on the wallet is the plain KH. At full retail price now, I would go for the cheaper K1 or even more affordable Nimbus ISIS.

KH is debatably about equal to K1, and Nimbus muni’s are super, but the cheaper Nimbus frame is heavier.

So, in today’s market the Nimbus muni is the choice, unless the near double cost of the KH does not phase you.

The market will surely keep changing, maybe KH’s will be available on QBP at competitive prices again in coming months.

As far as wheel sizes, 24 muni is the perfect step up from a 20. There is no right size for anyone. Like golfers, who must own several clubs, most uni riders end up sorta like me. I have a 19, 24 muni, 29 and 36.:slight_smile:

You’re missing the 26 lol! :stuck_out_tongue: Not a full deck yet…

I am to unrefined to notice the dif of 24 vs 26

I want a 36 Guni ! Now that’s a step up !:slight_smile: So I am told, a bit out of my price range right now.

A 24 muni is awesome, I ride mine a lot, it is the best all arounder, mine has a custom modified KH air seat.

Still, being all in love with your super muni would be as odd as Tiger Woods declaring he loves his 3 iron. That he will tee off, drive down the range, and putt with it. He still might win, at least if he was playing you or me.

Having a 19, 24 muni, and 36 street rod is the barest set up I think you can have to cover the course of uni fun.:slight_smile:

Lots of good responses here.

Feel free to move up from the 20" to something larger! I have a 20" and 24" and enjoy both of them, but the 24" is significantly faster and better for ‘all around’ riding. As others have suggested, perhaps considering something even larger is a good idea. Good luck to you.

The difference between a good uni and a cheap uni is very noticeable when you are riding. If you intend to do a lot of riding, then buy the best you can afford; you won’t regret it. However, it won’t be the last one you ever buy, and you may well modify it as you become a better rider.

It is amazing what can be achieved on a cheaper one, though. I used to have a 24" Nimbus 1 (about the cheapest reasonable uni that was available at the tme) and by putting better pedals on, and trying various lengths of crank, I had a lot of fun, doing long rides (20+ miles) as well as some varied cross country and simple muni.

My fleet is now:

20" Nimbus 2, used only for occasional performances and parades with the Morris dancers.

KH24 with 150mm cranks, used for the hardest riding I can manage.

Pashley 26" with 125mm cranks. Used for bombing about on mixed terrain.

Nimbus 36" (recent purchase) with 125mm cranks. This will be used for cross country, but not in the woods!

24" ultimate wheel. Used for filling a 24" space in my back bedroom.

What happened to Bacon Slicer and its even skinnier friend Mike?

The only thing I’d add to the discussion is that the new Nimbus muni frames are much better than the older ones. I had a Nimbus II 26" muni frame (2004 I think) that I changed last year for a new one because I broke the hub and wanted to fit an ISIS hub and brake. The new frame (with machined bearing holders and brake mounts) looks pretty much identical to the old one in design but is a completely different animal to ride. Much less flex (almost none) when hoofing it up steep hills. I’d say it’s pretty much equal in “feel” to a KH now (but obviously a little bit heavier).


I forgot it! Wrote my post quickly first thing this morning.:o

The Bacon Slicer (700c x 23mm) is now known as Wafer Thin (same wheel, new tyre: 700c x 20mm) and is still part of the fleet. 114mm cranks at present.

Plus the Nimbus has those nasty side nubs coming out the top of the frame. I’ve hit my legs on similar nubs before and let me tell you it does not feel good!

I’ve never had a problem with that - I suppose it depends on your riding style and how long your legs are. The KH is a nicer looking frame though, I’d agree with that (but twice the price and didn’t come in 26" last year when I bought my new Nimbus - and still doesn’t fit 26x3" tyres).

The KH is unarguably a nicer frame if it comes in the size you want and you aren’t on a tight budget. I was just mentioning how impressed I am with my new Nimbus frame compared with the older one. TBH, if KH had a 26x3" frame I’d have bought one of those instead, just for the looks (the weight saving isn’t really much when you think about how heavy the rest of the muni is with a 3" tyre - on an ultra-light 29er it would be more significant).