20'' or 24'', KH or nimbus?

Hi there, i have been unicycling for about 4 months now and am getting quite good (compared to how i was!)

I bought a cheap unicycle to start with off ebay but now i think it’s time to mmove on and buy a good one.

Atm i have a 20’’ and when i unicycle i normally go for long trips round my town to different shops, i go at least a couple of miles.

because i tend to go reasonably far i’m thinking i should get a 24’’ uni.

Also when i get better i am gonna go through woods and stuff so im thinking of getting a kris holm muni.

So i think i should get a KH24. based on what i have explained can you tell me if this is a good unicycle to pick for myself.

Thanks for all answers, and good luck with all ur unicycling.

The KH 24 is a great unicycle. You should be very happy with it for your described needs.