20 or 24 inch??

I am going to purchase a unicycle very soon, but I am a total newbie to the sport. I’ve maybe tried a unicycle a couple of times but never gotten the hang of it. Now, I need to know whether I should purchase a 20 inch or a 24 inch unicycle. Right now, i’ve heard that the best bang for the buck is the torker unistar LX models, so that’s what I am primarily looking at. I am 6’2" and I weigh around 195. I would use this for riding around a fairly large stage, a gym and street use, maybe some commuting between classes. I just want an all around good fit, that can still turn in a fairly small place. Thanks.

For your height and the fact that you even mention commuting I would get the 24"

what if i plan on doing tricks of any sort at all?

Due to your height it would make easier to learn on a 24" unicycle. the 24" is also better for commuting. for tricks the 20" unicycle is used more. However if you get the unistar lx due to the fact that the frame is not rounded you can learn how to ride one footed. also you can also do the easierthings like riding backwards, hovering and bunny hopping. I would reccomend the 24".

Though the 20" is better suited to tricks, the 24" is better suited to all-around use. You can still do plenty of tricks on it, and as long as your stage is large, there’s plenty of room to get the necessary # of pedal turns on it.

After you’ve been using the 24" for a while, then you can decide if your next unicycle should be smaller… or bigger!

if you’re just commuting between classes and not TO school, a 20" perhaps might be better. Slower, but a lot easier to take into class; a 24" takes up quite a bit of room. Just another thing to consider.

well, it looks like i should go for the 24 inch. Plus, all of my friends who unicycle have 20 inchers, so if i should ever desire to ride one of those, i’m sure they would be happy to trade for awhile.

It really doesn’t matter, because in a few years, you will have every size made.

You just have to decide which one your going to start with. My 2 cents, you should go for the 24", their all fun. --chirokid–

I learned on a 20 inch and im 6 foot. But then when i got my 24 it was a little harder at first but then after a day I was as good on it as the 20 inch. I think u should start with the 24 and see how that works for you.

haha i also found it ‘a little’ harder when i went from a 20" with 125mm cranks to a 28 with 110’s, the first time i tried to free mount my foot hit the pedal, but that was it the pedal didnt budge, and the second time, and the third etc… lol

Oh yeah i would personally go for a 24, because my 28 is currently out of action, and my 20’s just dont cut it when getting around.

Thanks all for your help. I ended up taking your advice and going with the 24 inch. I bought a 24 inch Torker Unistar LX last night, so i’m awaiting its arrival.