20 or 24" for second uni

Hi all,

I’ve been (inconsistently) for about 4 years now and almost all of that has been on the KH29 I bought once I got comfortable riding the $80 unicycle I learned on. I do a mix of commuting and some light muni on 29er and it’s great for those. However, I’ve started to wonder if my big wheel has been limiting the tricks I’ve learned. While I can stall and make a few hops, I never seemed to be getting any better when I tried to learn to ride one-footed and I’ve mostly just focused on riding increasingly more technical terrain rather than learning any tricks.

Now that I can afford it I feel like getting a smaller uni will help me learn some tricks which I can then transfer over to my 29er. It would also be nice to have something which is easier to travel with.

At first I was pretty set on getting a KH24, but I’m starting to wonder if going all the way down to a 20" wheel might be even better. I imagine anything that’s easier with a 24" wheel could be even better with a 20" one.

So, which do you think would be better for me? Am I thinking about the right stuff?

My general thinking always is, if I’m trying to decide between two unicycles, choose the one that’s most different than the one I already have.

If you’re specifically trying to learn tricks, a 20" will be noticeably easier than a 24". It’s lower to the ground, easier to control, and the wheel gets in the way less.

Unless you want to play basketball, get the smaller wheel. If you think you might want to do trials/street, get one with a fat tire.

20" is definitely the best to learn tricks.

Sounds like 20" is the way to go. I’ll start looking for a KH trials for sale. Being 6’ 3" is there anything I have to worry about with a small wheel?

Yes, get a long-neck frame
. At 5’ 11" I found a standard trials frame limiting if I wanted to learn non-trials skills. This is due to the lack of adjustment and availability of extra-long seatposts.

At your height there is no downside of getting a long-neck and it lets you have the adjustability to raise the seat enough to learn freestyle-type tricks with a standard seatpost, then lower it enough for trials.

Some good options would be KH longneck, Impact Reagent, Nimbus Equinox, Koxx Black Domina, etc.

Not sure where you’re located so this info might not help.

Wow, that looks like a fantastic deal. My parents live nearby so I’ll see if they can pick it up and then I can grab it when I next see them.

Looks like I’ll also want to grab a long-neck frame for it too. Thanks for the help!

Just so you know that looks like a 05/06 KH20. A solid unicycle but it looks well loved and the steel KH/Onza cranks did tend to get bent over extended rough use. KH switched to ISIS hubs and cranks in 2007.

If you haven’t bought it yet I would specifically ask the seller if the cranks are still straight. New cranks for that hub are now pretty much impossible to get.

There is a KH longneck (2009 or newer) in the trading post, also in New York. I don’t know how much delta 224 wants for it but it might be just what you are looking for.