20 or 24 for new rider

I am a new rider and am currently learning on a cheapo 20" (i can ride about 30 to 40 feet) I am looking to buy a better uni and was considering a 24"

Please share the pros and cons for someone like me.

I am 6’2" 200lbs 32"inseam. I plan to just ride for fun with no intentions for long distance or tricks.


Long distance and tricks are part of the fun. Don’t rule them out…

If you’re not doing tricks, a cheapo 20" is probably fine. But if you want a new one anyway, a 24" Nimbus II would work well. It’s a tough uni. I think it’s a good value for the money.

A 24" will go faster and take bumps better than your 20". You could take it off road. Plus it won’t feel quite as jittery. I guess the only con would be if you changed your mind and decided to learn tricks, it would be a little harder, but not that much.

If you want to ride a few blocks, get a 24. If you want to commute, buy a 29. if you want to go fast, buy a 36. if you want to start muni, buy a 24 or a 26. if you want to street perform, buy a giraffe. if you want scabs on your face, buy a bc wheel. if you want to do hop obstacles and do tricks, buy a 20… wait… why don’t you tell us what you want to do, and then we can help better. Ride for fun isn’t very specific, we all ride for fun :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering what Uni to buy…

I guess you could call me a pre-newbie, as I haven’t bought my first wheel yet.

I’m also 6’2", about 17 stone (235 lbs), and I was wondering… A lot of the unis on websites seem to have weight limits about 160 lbs, I think the Qu-Ax is about 220.

Any suggestions for a suitable ‘heavy duty’ uni for a learner, I was thinking of a 24", rather than 20", to save buying another later on.



I learned on a used unicycle that I bought for almost nothing. I got a nicer one a few months later. I like that approach because it gives you time to figure out what kind of riding you want to try. Then when it’s time to buy a better one, you’ll know what to get.

Well, got my first Uni yesterday - Qu-Ax Luxus 20", Black.

Now, all I have to do is learn to ride it !

I’ve adjusted the seat, done a supported rollback mount, and a little idling in a doorway, and my nuts hurt already !


Have you thought about off road riding(Muni)? I’m 6’2" and I currently ride a 26" Nimbus Muni. I also own a Nimbus 20" trials and prefer the 26" for most adventures because of the speed increase and its better for rolling over small obstacles. If you would feel more comfortable at a slower speed you could go for a 24" Muni of some form. Koxx one Track Monsters are pretty cheap now.
Or unicycle.com has the 24" version of what I ride.
If you plan to do more street riding swapping a tire on one of the Muni for a slick would work.
Muni 4 life.

Rule #1: balls in front! Don’t sit on your nuts.

Adjust them before or after you mount, but don’t sit on them. ouch. :astonished:

I have not injured my junk in a long time, it goes away, give it time. You will learn the “ball-swoop” motion as I call it. Wearing bike shorts can help too

i started with a 20’
but looking back, i wish i started with a 24 because it is much more travel friendly.

20 is great too though but basic tricks/hops are all learnable on the 24.