20 or 24" for a newbie?

I’m a BMX’er, but I know a guy through school that’s big on Uni’s and mountain bikes, and I’ve been convinced to pick one up, but which size would be easier to learn on? I have 0 uni expierience, and my main intrests are trials and light muni stuff (basicly the ride back down the hill after I’m done messing around on the rocks). I do have a bit of a ride, maybe a little more than a quarter mile one way to some of the trials areas around my house though, I don’t need to be the fastest one there, but I’d like to not tire myself out just getting to a place to ride. I’m not entirely decided on which uni to get either, I’ve had the Torker DX reccomended to me in either size, but I’d like to know all my options before I spend money.

get a dx, you won’t upgrade for a very long time.

trials (hopping dropping gapping stuff) you want 20"

muni (offroad) you want 24"+

20" are slightly easier to learn on.

if you are interested in trials, i would suggest getting the 20" DX. getting a 24" will help you riding there adn back but isnt really worth it.

if you want a really good trials wait for the new Kris Holm 20 trials coming out the end of this month like i am :). Theres a lot of good street by my house so i much rather get a 20’’, there are a few Muni trials around here, so i’ll get a Muni some time in the future.

Just think what kind of riding you’ll do more, and get the unicycle that is best for it. Then if you start liking unicycling very very much you can always buy another unicycle for other means.

If your going to do a lot of downhill and if what you meant by trials is mostly stuff in a forest setting you should get a uni that is 24 inchs or more. This way the uni wouldn’t tire you out as fast (because bigger wheel- plus it rolls over stuff better) and you can still hop around on a 24’’ or bigger.

ya i got a dx32 i love it:)

if youre sure youre gonna be into uni, then yeah, definitely go for a 20" DX. itll last a long time, and it will stand up to learning.