20" Nimbus Long Neck Uni MAKE AN OFFER!

For sale is a great unicycle in great condition, practically new frame and wheel. Parts as follows:

Nimbus Longneck frame 300mm Practically new
20" Nimbus trials ISIS wheelset with maxxis m-tread Practically new
125mm QU-AX ISIS Cranks
Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals
Seat and Post from my old uni

Scratches on the seat plastic and a small amount on the underside of the right crank.

Will post throughout Australia and internationally at buyer’s expense.

How much you thinking?

well i was sorta hoping of getting $100 but just looked up postage to USA and it’s like $90 hah

hey man-
I have some friends that have been looking at getting a uni to learn on. I’ll show them your uni this week and see if they are interested. Where about in Oz are you?


i live in nowra so that’s sorta near wollongong if you didnt know… and just to let you know, it no longer has the pedals shown in the picture, just some cheaper plastic ones instead

Hi, do you still have this uni for sale?
If so please let me know by email…
wayne [at] jester [dot] com [dot] au