20" nimbus bc wheel

I’m looking for a 20" nimbus bc wheel. I would like it to have green or orange plates but any colour is fine.

I’m willing to pay up to $200 that includes shipping.

I live in Canada but if you don’t ship to here for a short time I’m in the USA so if you don’t ship to Canada I need to know soon.

I would like pay around $100+s&h but I have $220 that I can spend and that includes s&h

I’ve got a 20" Nimbus BC Wheel that I’m looking to sell. I bought it, but never learned to ride it, so it’s still in great condition. The plates are black with blue grip tape on them, the wheel is a Kendra Kikzumbut.
I’ll sell it to you for $100 plus shipping.

Willing to sell a BC wheel

Are u still looking for a BC wheel? i have a 20in Kenda Kikzumbut wheel with orange plates and blue and black pegs?

pretty much brand new. if you are interested hit me back