20 megs semi-unicycle related video

For those of you with fast connectoins, or hours to waste:

A group of film students did a 5 minute documenty on me, and I’ve finally
gotten a copy of the finished project. If anyone would care to watch, you
can download from:


My disclaimer: You won’t see any new or exciting tricks, really. It’s just
me talking, with a bunch of clips thrown in so you don’t have to look at
my face the whole time. Juggling is the big theme, with unicycling as the
secondary. I had nothing to do with the video production, itself, though,
so there are a few details that are slightly off (that, and I wish they
used one of the takes where I successfully freemounted the giraffe, but
that’s just me), but I think it came out very well.

good day, jeff lutkus

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