20" kris holm unicycle

not exactly positive on the year i think its an 06 possibly an 07? but anyways 20" kris holm unicycle pretty good condition just a few little scuffs in paint nothing major.

located in palm desert, ca 92211
perfer to be texted cause ill probably forget to check here everyday. my numbers (760) 902-3442

$275 + shipping OBO

If it helps Brian, it’s an '07.

haha thanks,
is that a reasonable price?

More than reasonable for the condition. If I was in the market for a 20" still, I’d jump on it.

alright cool. thanks for the help

Same here.

Text sent.

Somebody else can buy. I want cranks shorter than 137. Thanks!


I am possibaly interested in it. I cant text you. I have to talk to my parents about it.

alright no problem, so far ive been good about checking on here.


i really whant to buy your unicycle and my parents say yes should i text you to get info and how to pay you?

i really want to buy your unicycle and my parents say yes should i tex you to find out how to pay you so i can buy it thanks


Can I call dibs and how much would shipping be to 55962?

first person to come up with the $275+their shipping gets it unless someone wants me to hold it and they want to give me $300+shipping…

i have 275+shipping to give you for the unicycle zip code is 84010

so thats utah?

yes that’s Utah sorry it took so long to respond i didn’t know that there was a second page

its fine. did you get my pm cause my gf has a paypal account we can go through…

tell me how much i need to give to you and my dad will send it threw pay pal whats the pay pal address?
thanks so much cheak pm for my address