20" KH 05 with CF seat

Im selling my KH 05 unicycle…


KH 05 wheel set, Plastic pedals (I can swap them out for some snafus if you want), KH 05 frame powder coated green, Gemcrest CF seat base(miyata), Kinport handle, orange KH seat cover with miyata foam, pyramid seat post, KH miyata rail adapter.


I think $350 is pretty reseanable, make an offer if you want.

Them pics dont workk

Your pics are not showing up :thinking:

Why are you selling your uni Bryan???

That is a really good deal, I still want the frame…

Gettin another one…

I want your Kinport!..

ah yeah sorry I put them up on photobucket, links…




if you are willing to part it out i may take the seat.

Uh i dunno I want to sell the whole, if someone takes the wheelset, then i’ll give you the seat, and spencer can take the frame.
So anyone want the wheelset or whole?

how long are the cranks?

140s. Wow your seat is tilted ALOT! Just out of curiosity what are you getting in its place?

im interested in the wheelset. but i bet the shipping would be a real bitch.

i would be interested in the seat as well. if you part it out that is

so right now

2 people want the seat
1 person wants the frame(apparently)
1 person wants the wheel

how did you murder that paint job that quickly?

I want the handle!
so one of us can have the handle(me) one can have the cf, and one can have the rest! jk
But if it is split up and the person who gets the seat doesnt want the handle ill buy it off them or from bryan.

how much is the wheelset? I’m interested in that.

I dont know, maybe like 150 or so? The rim and spokes are only like a couple months old…how much do you think

what would the cheapest shipping for the wheelset cost to get to australia?

maybe blackbike and i could split shipping to australia for the wheelset and the seat…

Alright if you did that then I could sell spencer the frame.(if you still want it)