20'' ISIS wheel set/parts for flatland riding

Hi all! Looking for any parts that would work for a durable 20" flatland set up. A ISIS hub(36 hole preferably), 20 rim(bmx rim would work as well), a chuckier tire(2.35-.45) and anything of that sort. If anyone has any flat crown frames I would want to hear as well. This would be a gift for someone and am really hoping for a decent deal on some used parts.

Here are two options for complete unis
20” Nimbus - Hemet, California - $100
Not a lot of information listed and I don’t know if they will ship it, but you could ask.
20” KH Trials in Denver, Colorado; $300

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thank you so much! I am really hoping to use that nimbus wheel set!

Here is another one

I do not think the link takes me to the une for sale

It looks like it just takes you to the marketplace homepage. If you search “unicycle” on it a few results come up.
You are welcome for the Nimbus link. Hopefully you get what you are looking for.

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Hmmm see if this one works…

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