20 inches frame

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a 20 inches frame that has 42mm bearing holders. As usual, I have parts up for trade (or can make an offer trade + money for special cases).

Let me know what you have.

Thanks =)


Bump. Parts list updated :slight_smile:

Bump =)

I have a brand new Koxx-One Devil frame in black. It’s the same frame Renegade Juggling sells. It takes a 27.2 seatpost (via the 29.2 to 27.2 aluminum shim that comes with it) and a standard (42mm/100mm) ISIS hub.

I’d make an even trade for your 150mm Moments. Let me know if you are interested.


An interesting news indeed.

By any chance, do you happen to have also a spare seatpost and/or saddle up to trade too (can throw in other parts) ?

I forgot to mention that the frame also comes with a clamp. K1 single bolt, neon green. Also new. BTW when I say new I don’t mean “except for that one time I used it…” The frame has never been built up, let alone ridden, and the clamp is still in plastic. No saddle or seatpost though.