20 inch or 24 inch?

I’m looking at starting Mountain unicycling, I’m 12 and my inseam is 7.5 inches should i get a 24 inch or 20 inch for going off road?

Mkay I’ll bite. I think you mean your inseam is 17.5 inches which is pretty short but then you’re a young dude and won’t be short forever.

I’m sure the guys who know what they’re talking about will have advice for you. Good luck.

17.5 =/

Soory i ment 17.5

Im not used to inches =L



You would fit a 20" or a 24" Just fine :slight_smile:
24" is much faster and more suited to Muni though!
Where abouts are you from?
If you are going to be doing a lot of rough stuff you may want an ISIS hub :slight_smile:

7.5 - 17.5 - 27.5

Jeez, you young dudes grow quick nowadays!

I live south east of England not many mountains here but a few bike trials I also use my unicycle to get to school (I don’t live that far away) In England we use centimetres hence my confusion =]

Only you young un’s Moth. I’m in the UK but am a person of a ‘certain age’ so back in the day I learnt imperial measurements - that’s yards, feet and inches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you thought about a 26" or 29" I have a 29er, I think my inseam was proberly about the same as your’s when I got it a year ago, but i did have to take about 5cm off the seat post. I think a 29er is ideal for bike trails and getting to school because it’s so fast and smooth. (I haven’t rode it to school because i’m scared of people damaging it:(.)

Hope this helps.


Edit: I Think a 24" would be better than 20"

I am looking at a 29er

I have seen a 29er going cheap but its just to big your right i wouldnt take a 29 to school people start start trying to pick the lock out of curiosity no one takes it seiously :angry:

If you are riding more than a mile or two, the 24" for sure.

dont worry old un’, ive taken the effort to learn metric AND imperial :slight_smile: even though i never need imperial :wink:

1" = 2.5cm
1’ = 30cm
1 yard = 90cm
1 mile = 1.6km


:stuck_out_tongue: Cheeky whippersnapper! I am impressed that you’ve bothered to learn Imperial measurements. I however will just continue to use an online converter when I need to use metric measurements :smiley:

Dude, dont correct your measurements for the people reading from the three countries in the world who dont use metric… They need to learn to measure properly

Yes, and this thread should actually be called 51 cm or 61 cm! :wink:

(Using the proper correction 1" = 2.54 cm…)

Or if you want to be really picky, 451 vs 547 mm since those are the ISO diameters. But those (and 26 inch) are old American sizes before parts were specified in metric, so they are still named in inches. Of course 29 inch wheels are really the French 700C size, but it is easier to say “29er” than “622 by 51”… As much as I dislike English/Imperial/SAE units, it is least confusing to just stick with the traditional pre-metrificiation names for these traditional tire sizes. I still think of my muni cranks as 152mm, not 6 inch though.

You don’t want to go that way: The actual ISO diameters are 406 and 507 mm!

(The ISO number is the diameter of the bead seat of the rim, not the outer diameter including the tyre…)

I did of course think about being so picky but decided for brevity and ease of understanding to keep it simple…yanno, like you do! :wink:

D’oh! I had it right, then checked and changed it to the wrong ones before posting. Those are ISO BSD, just the wrong wheels. 451 is the other size called 20 inch that I ran across a few times this summer on recumbent bikes. I’ll stick to 559 and 622 rims…