20 inch for trials?

Im an okay trials unicyclist(according to my standards)but i only have a 24’’ unicycle.I always see that for trials people have always have a 20’’, never 24’’.Ive never even ridden a 20’’ unicycle.Are they that much better for trials?If i had the money I would just buy a trials unicycle but Im only 14.does wheel size matter that much?

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I use a 20" for trials most people do.In universe kris holm uses a 24" and does as well as if not beta the dan and adam both 20" riders



trials on a 24 is tons of fun and very doable. enjoy it, more toys will come later.


i used a muni for trials (24x3) for a fair while, sure it’s easier on a 20 but its certainly doable on a 24.

If you are going from a 24 to a 20, I think the first thing you will notice is the lack of speed. The 20 is much slower then the 24. I know this doesn’t play a very large part in trials, but you might find it frustrating that it will take you longer to ride between obstacles.


Think about this: a 24 is 20% bigger than a 20.
A 28 is only 16% bigger than a 24.

So, of the standard sizes, the gap between 20 and 24 is most significant. It affects speed, weight, manouvreability. Which of these do you need least for trials? Er…

Kris is on a 26x2.6 Kenda Kollossal in U1, as far as I can tell.

24" trials is doable, but not neccessarily as doable as 20". The speed for trials is not realy a factor, as trials is generally static. 24" is harder to do skinnies on, but I guess you can get used to it. I’m a small 15 year old (only about 5’5"), and I find that a my 24x3.0 muni is fine for trials, just not the greatest for precision. I can also only do about 26" on the muni, compared to about 30" on the trials.

I find the most important difference is in pedalgrabs, though. I have too much trouble pedalgrabing to rubber on the muni, so I can’t really do poles on it. Not much of a problem when I’m on a trail, as the closest thing to trials in muni is the occassional 2’ embankment that’s itchin’ to be jumped on. But since precise and awkward pedalgrabs comprise about 40% of my trials riding right now, I myself couldn’t effectively do trials.

If all you’re doing trials on is large, flat surfaces, by all means, 24" will do. The only difference will be during big ups and big gaps, but if your doing trials on nasty, technical surfaces with little room for a tire, 20" will probably help, but it’s still not absolutely neccessary. Remember, 24" still has more cushion and tons more bounce than 20". And for gapping between skinnies, 24" tires generally grip better and have bigger sweet spots than 20". So it’s al up to your preference.

You should borrow a 20" tuni :slight_smile: sometime and see whether you like it better. Mike Middleton (a great trials and muni rider), rode trials and muni exclusively on his 24" Hunter/Profile muni for ages, until I finally got him to use a 20". He still says he can gap farther on his muni (mabey cuz he rides a summit for trials, which is waaay too heavy), and likes it a lot for all around, because of the speed. Basically, 20" is slightly better, but a 24" will most definitely do.

I have a 20 inch trials uni, but today I was riding my old 24 inch for trials, I thought if anything it was easier and more enjoyable! I think thats just because my 24 inch has a super low seat post and my 20 inch doesn’t though…

gerblefranklin-Wow i thought you were like 30 before well it don’t really matter.C i told you trials was possible on a 24"