20 in wheel on 24 in unicycle

I am relatively new to unicycling and have recently learned to ride and do very small jumps on my Torker 24" unicycle. I am struggling to do other skills and am considering purchasing a 20" wheel to put on my 24" unicycle. I read that 20" wheel is better for tricks. I am aware that the 20" wheel will make it harder to balance, but I was wondering if anyone has tried what I am considering.

Also, if this is a bad idea, does anyone have any recommendations for a better unicycle? I would like to use it for tricks, but I don’t want to spend more than 300 dollars.

so you are willing to spend 300 though??

if so…you might as well be willing to just go ahead and get a nimbus 20" + kh cranks for $330. a very strong unicycle thats perfect for what you wanna be doing. and…no a 20 inch unicycle is easier to control. ultimate wheels get harder as they get smaller : )

What sort of tricks are you wanting to do? Trials? Freestyle? you’ll want a totally different type of unicycle for either.

I think I want to do more freestyle. So you think putting a 20" wheel on my 24" in unicycle is a bad idea, and I should just purchase a new one?

yeah especially if you’re gonna do freestyle…

A 20" wheel will not be harder to balance. You can replace the wheel, but without having to change out the crank arms each time you do this (a major hassle + wear & tear), you’re really buying almost an entire new unicycle. All that’s left is frame, post and seat. So generally it’s better to save up for a whole different unicycle. Then you’ll have two! One to share, or one each for the types of riding you want to do, without needing tools & time to switch wheels.

Otherwise, the only downside of a 20" wheel in a 24" frame is a high crown, which will make some tricks a hassle, and more advanced tricks much harder. But Miyata used to use the same frames for their 20" and 24" unicycles, and we managed to do pretty well on those… :slight_smile:

The rate at which people respond is ridiculously great. Thanks a lot!