20" gym proof tyre/tire

I have a cheapo 20" unicycle. It came with a 20x2.0 tyre with a psi-rating of 35 psi. I would like a better freestyle tyre, that is gym-proof. Any good suggestions. I have tried my LBS for Primo The Wall and Maxxis Hookworm, he had neither of them. Any other would be great.

I only need it for freestyle now that my new KH24 will soon be here. Can’t wait.


Is there no one that now of any good 20 inch slick tyres for indoors use good for freestyle.

why not just get one of the two you mentioned? unicycle.com for intl’, or bedford for canada

I live in Norway, and I forgot to put it in my order for my KH24 so the price for shipping will be larger than the actuall cost of the tyre. I’ll just have to keep looking

Well, you could try to talk to

Or order from Roger Davies: The shipping cost calculator at Unicycle.UK.com says that shipping a Primo The Wall from UK to Norway costs £6.


For indoors, you basically want a tire without knobbies, and not black. Some black tires are fine, but most will make too many marks. Look for a tire that is round or flat where it contacts the ground. Avoid tires that have a center ridge or point.

Even a tire marked 35 psi can probably be pumped up to good unicycling levels. We used to do it all the time. Just make sure the tire is properly seated on the rim.