20" freestyle upgrades

i bought a red Primo “the Wall” tyre and and installed a red Miyata seat cover that Harper gave me over a year ago.i think it looks alot snazzier now.one thing is that the Primo is less grippy than the grey/Orenge Hookwom i had on there,it makes learning how to glide easier for me,but your shoes may be differant than mine.the Primo is a softer tyre,thats a known fact to me now.

if you look closely you will notice that i put the 125’s back on,the 110 cranks were busting my knees under hard idling pressure.

as for me…? i got a very bad sunburn.

Re: 20" freestyle upgrades

Very sharp! Of course, I’m partial to the red-on-red color scheme. :sunglasses:
Extra credit is also given for the Twilight Zone shadow effect with the photo.

Very cool. I upgraded my 20 incher yesterday too. I took apart the Torker wheelset and rebuilt it with a red anodizd Araya rim and a Wal Mart freestyle tire.


RED, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss, red rocks!

keep those red’s coming!



red rocks,to bad there are not more colors that have a huge variety of parts.

I had my 20" torker unistar black for a while, and i decided it was time for an upgrade. I bought a Semcycle XL frame, for the flat crown, Blue Primo Super Tenderizers Pedals, and a Blue Primo “The Wall” Tire. I didn’t have enough money for a blue miyata saddle, and from everything i read here, the unistar seat is the same as the miyata seat. Maybe one day i’ll complete my blue freestyle unicycle with a miyata seat.

Sorry no camera no scanner no pictures.

i didn’t realise that the sem long neck frame had such small tire clearance. now i’m thinking of upgrading from my standard xl frame, which i bought before the long neck became available,:frowning:
i’ve got a red primo wall and a red trimmed kh seat on mine.
red is the new black!



to true,theres only 4 or 5mm of clearance.its so nice for Koosh Koosh.i have no idea why some of the Sem frames have all that space under the crown,after all; are they not supposed to be freestyle frames? thank gawd they got it right on the long neck.