20" Freestyle (long neck prefered)


I’m looking to buy a nice-ish 20" freestyle unicycle.

I’m not looking for a street unicycle or a trials unicycle.

I’m 6’1", so something with a long neck would be good. Please let me know if you might have something that would work for me for sale.



What’s your preferred seatpost diameter?


Maybe you should consider Qu-ax Profi :stuck_out_tongue:
I think your height will not be a problem, but if it is, there are also a long neck frames for it ;p

I supply QXseries and QU-AX frames, which have a seatpost diameter of 25.4mm, which are available in longneck!

I live in CT, USA, North America. So I’m not so much interested in ordering from Australia, as I think the shipping would kill me. But thanks!

I’m mostly looking for someone who has a used freestyle unicycle that would be interested in selling it. I’m willing to consider any brand (I like the Nimbus Eclipse, but I’m open to other options). Thanks for the suggestion though!

I have a NEW QU-AX Freestyle/Profi unicycle for $240.00AUD, postage would be around $90.00

That comes out to more than $350 USD. Which is the price of a new Nimbus Eclipse (including shipping) from UDC. I already said that the Nimbus would be my preferred unicycle, and that I was looking for a used version.

If you’re keen on selling me a QU-AX, offer me a great deal, otherwise, thank you for bumping my thread, but no thank you.