20" frame

I’ve been sitting on a 20" DX32 rim for a while now, and I guess it’s time to turn it into a uni. I will be buying pretty much everything else for this build so I thought I would put the feelers out for a used frame before the UDC sale season starts.

Looking for a 20" frame that will work with an ISIS hub. This can be of the stamped, or machined 42mm variety. Not interested in machined 40mm.

It’s okay if it’s not showroom new, but I don’t want a frame that’s dented up. Some chips in the paint are fine.

I’m okay with a flat crown for foot on frame riding. So if anyone has an old Nimbus II, or Yuni laying around that was upgraded to a round crown I may be interested.

I’m trying to keep this a budget build for my sons first MUni so if a good match doesn’t show up for a reasonable price I may just wait and see what UDC puts on the block come December.


Idk what price range you’re looking at but goudurix.com has them for cheap.
This one is $30
And this one is $38. Shipping would be $8 I believe.

That price could work. After a few years of seeing the UDC sale come and go I was figuring that I should be able to get a new frame in the $30 range. Now I’m sure of it. I should have just pm’d you as you seem to have a thumb on the pulse of the various purveyors of unicycle wares.

So, for a used frame I would say $20-$30 shipped to Colorado. Maybe lower? I have to say that Quax is a pretty cool looking frame. Do you know if it comes with a binder? It doesn’t show it or mention it in the listing so I would guess not.


If you mean clamp, I’d guess not as well. They are an extra 7-10 dollars…

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Bought an Impact from UDC last week. Don’t need this frame anymore.

I still have that rim though…