20" flatland wheel

Hey guys, I’m selling my 20" flatland wheel, built by Will Riley.

Specs :
-White Eclat rim. (It’s not as wide as the kh flat rim, but it’s the widest bmx rim as far as I know)

  • 2010? kh moment hub
  • maxxis grifter tire

If anyone is interested I will upload pictures!

I could possibly add in a pair of moment 137s and pedals if you want.

Pictures? How much you looking to get?

How much?

How much you asking for it…?

will it hold up to some small street? if so i mightbe interested


Check your pms!

Man I love the look of those drilled cranks

Thanks :slight_smile:

The wheel is still available. I also have a KH Street saddle, and I think moment 137s.

Bump. Still for sale.
-Flatland wheel - 200$
-Moment 137s - 50$
-New KH Street Saddle - 50$

how much would shipping be on seat and moments to 37932 knoxville tn

How strong are the drilled cranks?

Shipping would probably be around 50$. The drilled cranks are different and not for sale, I’m not sure how much they weigh.