20" Custom Max Daddy Perfomance Unicycle

I am selling my much loved 20" Custom Max Daddy Performance Unicycle.
The frame is beautifully chromed with a 42.5 cm seat tube with the seat clamp nicely tucked under the Miyata (blue and white with blue handle and bumper). The wheel has a Suzue hub, super-strong, chrome-plated, double-walled, alloy rim, 36 holes and has a 20 X 2.10 “The Wall” tire (white). Cranks are custom, alloy 102mm. I am asking only $250. This is a really beautiful unicycle that you will love I as I have. Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance from Tallahassee, FL. E-mail me for a photo: 2beaswater@gmail.com

I’ve been riding for about a year and recently decided to build my own frame. I used square tubing to give it a unique look. I’ve listed it on ebay to see if there’s any interest in the design.

I’m pretty new to unicycling and mostly try to do freestyle riding. I’d like to know what sort of things people look for in a unicycle and what people think of my design. Keep in mind this is my first attempt. Thanks for any feed back.