20" custom freestyle (flatland-friendly) uni

Hi there, i have 20" custom freestyle uni, which i used for freestyle and flat. I give it goodbye because of joint problems on my hands. I really loved this uni, it’s pretty stiff and comfy, i had a blast with this uni.

some specs:

Seat: kris holm street saddle(older model), carbon fibre base - unicycle.com (pretty old one), i modified it to a new kris saddles style (added inserts for rear and front bumper, to using bolts to mount bumpers), seatpost is mounted with nuts, i laced the bottom of the seatpost cover with shoelace to prevent bumping my fingres to seatpost’s nuts.

Seatpost is 22mm classic steel one, 20cm long

frame: 20" Nimbus X Longneck 400mm, Nimbus orange seat post clamp 2-bolts

Seatpost, clamp and frame are new and barely used.

Rim is one year old, Big City from Sun Rims, it is pretty bombproof rim, welded, double wall, 34,5mm wide, it is 36holes variant, i grinded the sidewalls and then polished it.

Hub is qu-ax isis 48holes, the yellow one, i repainted it black, really strong hub, about two and a half years old.

The wheelset is laced 36 holes rim to 48 holes hub, i laced it myself one year ago, spokes and nipples are Salt, laced as a three crossing. Wheelset is pretty strong, no creaking, no problems during riding(lots of 5spins etc) i have never bust a tube on this wheelset.

Cranks: qu-ax alu, 100mm, cranks are older, inserts for peddals are worn, but no problems during riding

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC, good condition

Tire: Demolition Zeppelin 20x2.00 in good condition, really like it for freestyle tricks

I really liked this setup, it is 5.4kg, but it is pretty strong. The seat foam, carbon base, hub and cranks are few years old, others things on the uni are less than one year old.

Here are some pictures:

If you want more photos, go to flicker here:

I think it is good strong uni for some freestyle/flatland rider or some beginner unicyclist. The whole setup was cleaned up.

I’m looking for 160 euros. If you have any questions, just ask. :wink:

price drop, now 125 euros

Would you be willing to ship to the US?

I am not so sure, i would rather prefer more local bussiness, but i’ll take a look what shipping requires. I’m worry about crazy shipping price. I’ll let you know.

you should ship to the US! and just wondering, even if your not shipping here, what is the shortest inseam that you could have to ride this?

unicyclingisfun: I have a local potentional buyer, so i’ll see. If i will not find a local buyer in a while successfully, i could ship to the US.
Yeah, the shortest inseam, you made a good point. I measured a distance from pedal turned down to top of saddle and its about 84cm ~ 33". But there’s an option of cutting down the frame if needed. (I have 85cm and i rode it set 90cm with reserve)

how much with shipping to the UK?

brendan, i sent you a PM

uni is still for sale, i don’t want ship outside the Europe