20 by 2.5 street tire?

I as wondering if anyone makes a 20 in. by 2.5in. street tire? if they did it seems like it would be awesome.


What do you mean by street tire? Because there are a lot of 20x2.5" trials tires, which are good and used by most for street…

The Luna is the best I’ve seen for street.

he’s talking about 20" not 19" !

Well I have never used it but the Twenty-G looks like a good street tire for a 20" rim.

No he’s not, I think he means for a trials rim. On his KH trials. Tight?

then wtf ? if he has a kh trials he should know that they make 2.5 tires since it comes with one ?

i think he meens a slick 19 x 2.5 tire. No they dont make them.

yeah but then theres the problem of finding a frame to fit a 3.45" tyre.

I went by my LBS on saturday and they had a beach cruiser bike with 20x3" tires with flame pattern tread. didnt look close enough to see the brand.

sounds like the dyno fireball.


yea I ment a tire like the hookworm only instead of a 2in. wide one a 2.5.

i dont think themy make any like that.

If you are just doing street go for a maxxis HookWorm its what the bikers are using

Maybe this is what ur looking for, a 20x2.4" tire?