20" and 26" Semcycle Unicycle

I am trying to sell a 20" Semcycle Unicycle for $100.
As well as a 26" Semcycle Unicycle for $200.

I’ve posted both on Craigslist and eBay.
Here are the listings if anyone is interested.
20" Semcycle on eBay
26" Semcycle on eBay
20" Semcycle on craigslist
26" Semcycle on craigslist

If you are interested, message me and we’ll talk about our options.
Thank you for taking the time to look at these. I appreciate any help and feedback on better ways to move these too.

Dunno what to tell you,shipping and fees always kill you on Ebay.
Craigslist is probably less hassle,but like 2% of the people follow thru.
I got mine off here for what I think is a fair deal.Same price as if I picked one up on craigslist and less than if I got one on ebay + shipping.

Yeah, I ended up pulling the eBay listings.
It wasn’t getting any bids and I was scared they would go for $1.
I am willing to negotiate.