20" and 24" on a Dx (usa)

i hear if i buy a 24" torker dx i can put a 20" wheel on it and do trials.
if i do this is it a good uni to learn trials on? and is it still a pretty good muni?
and does any one know where i can get one for less than $239.99 that is the cheapest i have seen

“there is a time for everything” and this is the time for unicycling

You won’t find one cheaper than that and you are probably better off getting separate trials and muni unicycles so you aren’t constantly swapping out wheels.

Agreed. With constant swapping out of your wheels, cranks, ect., you would eventually break something and in the end it’s just much easier to have a muni, and truni.

I own a 20 inch, I love it I do flatland, Street, and trials on it, where 24 inchers are good for Muni, and trials for tallker people (in some peoples opinions)

look on ebay.