20" 24" 26" for sale

20" uni £40
24" uni with 26" fork £40
26" uni Combo rim Suzu axis Swalbe road tyre.
All in perfect order.
See pictures
Buyer collects or pays for postage.

How much do you want for the 26 and whereabouts do you live? Put me down as first dibs on that!

What kind of seat mount adapter are you using there?

The answer…

Sit angle adapter (£3.50).


Sorry.I did not answer fully.£100 + postage.At the moment I do not know waht is the postage.Tomorrow I will.:o

I see it mounts to a KH seat. Where do you buy those? UDC UK?


Your R right.:D!

thats a pimp red white and blue seat… did you buy it like that? where did you get it?

are willing to peice out the seat from the uni?

re Pimp

the Pimp will carry on pimping with the uni.:smiley:

Weight and postage.

26" weight is 5.3kg.Postage for this weight,exctly, is £ 8.74.
The cardboard for packing will have some weight too.Cheers.

danget… but the seat is too pimpin for the uni! it deserves to be on a pimp uni too :smiley:

Re Pimp saddle…

Techically this pimp saddle is accidental composition which resulted from two original saddles.(blue and red)
So, by now, I am beginnig to be hesitant of its genetic legitymacy. :thinking: :smiley: :thinking:

hahaha. well thanks anyway.

I might be interested in the 24". What’s the wheel width?
So whereabouts do you live? (just the county will do for now!)

The answer

The tyre is new 1.95 ,wheel 24", cranks Lanco 14cc , frame 26" .
Based in UK.Herts :slight_smile:

I will have to call off dibs on the 26" I’m afraid, sorry if i caused any hassle. No money you see!

No problem…

It is still here.:wink: Best.

Sorry but I’m not interested in the 24" anymore - I’m going for a wider wheel.
Hope you sell your unis!