20" 2.5 tires where are they?

OK I am wanting to get a 20 2.5inch tyre to slick for my street I am going to try a reg bmx one, but many say they like the extra foot room of the 2.5’s so links would be great and names. I am in America so keep that in mind I don’t want to order from out of the U.S. or Canada and pay out my arse. Yeah so I heard onza had one, but couldn’t find it. Also nothing under 2.5 I want a 2.5 nothing less maybe a little more, but that probably wouldn’t even fit on a free tricks frame.

-Thanks mike

P.S. A for newbies trials tires or mod tyres are 19in(MEANING THEY NEED A 19IN RIM)(sorry for the caps it was easier to type this out than ix that)(ridiculous). Front wheel trials tyres (they are 20" not 19" that go on the back) are only 2" at least from what I found. So no a try all (most common slick from what I see)/luna/creepy crawler will not fit on my bmx rim.

i think this is the onza one you mentioned. Its a 2.4".

I know the link is from the UK but it was just to show you the model. Which could then help you to find it if you want one.

you won’t find a 2.5" tyre in 20", I’m a biketrials rider and from all my time, the fattest 20" tyre i’ve come across is the 2.4" 20" onza sticky fingers tyre, it isn’t even that fat to be honest. Mod rear tyres (19") are actually nearer to 3.0" than 2.5".

the absolute fattest 20" tyre you’ll find is the 20G tyre, it is rather tall, but slick too. It’s easily available in the US. Ask Spencer Hochberg where you can get one, or just google it. Your frame will need a lot of clearance with a normal 20" tyre to be able to take a 20G tyre.

chopper bike tires are it. you can check your lbs but if the tire is too big it folds like crazy.

Look there for some 20 x 2.2.5, I think there is some company doing 2.35 now, not sure who or how you would find it tho.

Theres actualy a 20" 2.5 tyre, one is a kenda… which on mine doesnt have a make, i dont think its produced anymore and the second one is a mitchelin … maybe email kenda about the tyre see if they have anymore info!

Thanks everybody.