2 Wheels v. 3

As the title says… what is recommended? Looking to step it up a notch. Is backwards pedaling on the two wheeler difficult, and how does one mount the three wheels?

You may have the wrong forum… Most of us specialize in a one wheeled apparatus. :wink:
Though, you may get someone around soon who might answer your question.

Well 2v3, i haven’t ridden a three wheeler but have tried a 2 wheeler, the whole pedal backwards to go forwards really got me confused and i think the longest distance i got was about 20cm, mainly from falling.

I’m guessing that riding a 3 wheeler would be similar to a giraffe, though with more friction.


I’m confused myself, are you speaking of this 2 wheel giraffe & 3 wheeler??? :thinking:

or do you mean bike and tricycle??? :thinking:

The two linked ones.
I rode a 3 wheeler at UniNats and I think they’re pretty hard to mount, they’re also really heavy. I’ve never ridden a two but I’d go with the two because they look hard and are really unusual.

and also you have to pedal backwards to go forwards. :smiley:

That’s the unusual part.

I’m kicking myself for that post now. Didn’t realize he was talking stacked. :o

I was thinking to myself when I read your post, ‘he’ll regret saying that soon’.

i would get one that you could make both. i got the extensions to make a 3wheeler that can also make a 2wheeler. the 3wheeler is definately easier and its not too hard to mount, with help of course. its a really fun one for parades and some simple freestyle stuff, like wheel walk. the 2wheeler is the real challenge, its liek relearning how to ride. it takes hours of practice and lots of help to stay up…but once you get the hang of it, its really fun. if ur up for a big challenge, get the 2 wheeler. but if u want somethign that u will probabyl be able to ride, get the 3wheeler.


It’s all good though cause once you master it. It won’t feel so weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

Three wheels… hmm, three wheels…

I don’t know about anyone else and I hope I get over it, but being 7foot high on one wheel is fookin scary!

I would see that as a awesome challenge then something to be scared of. :wink:

i’m interesting in somthing like that.

where do you get that kind of set up?

i got it used a while ago, but i know semcycle makes them, heres the link for the extension kit. i just looked at unicycle.com and this one looks like it would work but you might want to call them and ask to make sure. I have the semcycle ones but i just put them on a torker unicycle and it worked.

woops…almost posted it twice

I can confirm that all three of those wheels are detachable; I have the unicycle. you can take one, or two wheels off of the bottom to have a 1, 2, or 3 wheel giraffe.

i dont think it would be hard to to mount a tricycle and most bicycles don’t pedal backwards

The three wheeler can actually be taken apart and converted to either a 2 -wheeler or a normal unicycle as well.