2 wheeler.

ok, will get more specific specs soon but:
2 wheeled unicycle, green/white tires
fairly good condition, rarely used (i can’t figure the damn thing out if my life depended on it) selling well under purchase price (i believe around $200-300) so maybe $150 (it’s debatable) currently live in Vermont, so living nearby would be helpful.
will get more information soon (am not at my house at the moment) and maybe a picture.

Cabot Vermont

Are you anywhere near Cabot? I would like to see a photo

yes i am, my house is in Burlington, but i go to school in St. Johnsbury.

i will be able to get a photo to you soon.

here are some pictures:

not sure how helpful this will be.

my brother (who took the pictures) says that it reads ‘Za’, but i can’t confirm that.

Do you still have. Can you ship to 15014 in pa. Let me know the cost of that and I will take.