2 wheeler and small wheel

I am considering getting a 2 wheeled nimbus (or if you have any other suggestions) or a unicycle with a 3 inch wheel from the unicycle factory. If anyone has any comments about either I would love to know. Also which one do you think I should get (been unicycling for about a year and giraffe unicycling for a couple months)? Also if anyone knows how much the small wheel one would cost let me know because i dont know.

Well, I dont think the Unicycle Factory are still selling/bulding unicycles. The two wheeler is a real challenge, I never tried but it must be really confusing. I would probably get the 3" wheel unicycle because it must look pretty funny and should be really funny to ride. But a 2 wheeler might be really cool too.

Are you sure they don’t still make them because it is still posted on their website and if they are not where might I find one?

I not sure, but I think I heard from someone else on the forums that they didn’t make unicycles. Can you post the link of their website?

Wouldn’t a bike with 2 wheels no longer be a unicycle?

Well, their website hasn’t been updated in 2.5 years, but I guess you could call them and ask.

It’d be a shame if they stopped building unis; I’ve always wanted one of those sneaker-wheeled unis.

Not if the wheels are stacked vertically. . .multiwheeled unis have been around for ages. I think John Foss has pictures of some crazy 15 wheeled unis or some such.

And if the wheels are side by side, it would be a dicycle.

Crazy, Ill google.

I dont even know how someone would do that… haha

Technically you’re right, it’s not a unicycle, although only one wheel is in contact with the ground. There are a few names I’ve heard that may or may not be correct, but mine is known as the Mighty Inverticycle. Diverticycle is another name I’ve come across.

There’s some photos of my one on this forum actually;

There’s a few videos on youtube of me riding it, such as this one;

Whilst the instructions for riding it are simple (pedal backwards to go forwards), it really doesn’t do it justice. For me, personally, it was harder to learn than riding a unicycle to start with. It takes a lot of what you already know about unicycling and totally flips it around, whilst keeping other bits the same, so training your body to learn that is twice as hard. But if you’ve got perseverance, it really is rewarding.


http://gwyn.tux.org/~bagleyd/unicycle_factory/index.html is the url for the unicycle factory and a 2 wheeler looks like this

Is the 2 wheeler worth 335 dollars?

That’s a question that only you can answer. To me, it wasn’t. I already had the unicycle, however, so the two extension pieces (approx $25) and a second wheel made it very cheap and well worth the money.


Can u even ride it or is it practically impossible?
Do u think I should get the mini wheel instead (and do you know if the unicycle factory is still up and running)?

Yes, I can ride it now (see the youtube video above. That’s me). It’s not easy, and after about 2-3 months I can now freemount, ride a figure of 8, maybe 2 or 3 laps of the hall and that’s pretty much all. Idling seems like a long way off yet, but it might ‘just happen’ one day.

It really depends. If you want to challenge yourself and push your learning and unicycling to their limits, then go for the two wheeler. But don’t expect to buy it and just get on and ride. If you want to do that but still draw attention, then the mini wheel is probably the way to go.

I’ve no idea if the Unicycle Factory is going or not, although I’m sure I’ve read in other places that they’re no longer making unicycles. There’s a phone number on the web page, so probably worth giving it a call just to enquire and check the price. (But please let us know what the outcome of that call is).


I called and the unicycle factory is still building and selling unicycles, and a unicycle with a 3 inch wheel costs $1500, a lot out of my price range.

Wha! It isn’t cheap for a 3" wheel unicycle. Get the 2 wheeler unicycle then, I think it’s a better idea. Get the 3" unicycle only if you get rich!:smiley: